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Resumes are Routine. Timelines are Timeless.

Lara Holleran

Bend | San Diego



ecause resumes shouldn't be as boring as they end up being, I've collected a timeline of the last eight years.  All the crazy we've endured, a few choice decisions of my own, 

and several acts of random happenstance. If you can interpret my musings, let's connect. If you can't, we should definitely connect. 

Ps. *If you're reading this on mobile, you won't receive the timeline. Even my basic "dev knowledge" was no match for making it look up to snuff on your iPhone.


A new year. A new beginning 

"Good soup"

Sh*ts really getting meta now

Welcome home, Roo (the most adorable cattle dog)

Must adopt dog to curb loneliness

Everyone buys a paddle board 

Pandemics, masks & political pandemonium

Neil Diamond rewrites "Sweet Caroline"

Where'd all the toilet paper & vodka go?

So many holiday parties (weren't those great)

New gig, who dis

Barcelona "mi amor"

Rain, so much rain

Career move to Portland (weird, right)

Parking tickets, dim sum and agency life

Masters of Fine Art, finally mastered

Awards season & Finals season

Everyone gets anxiety

omg. what just happened

We'll hold the door for you, Hodor

New found fascination with true crime

Burning the candle two years into my MFA

Butts spontaneously combusting, thanks Samsung

Schitts Creek. nuff said

Marriage Equality, parties and parades

Yes, "let's go to Wine Country" is a thing

Putin, horses and topless photos

Welcome to the Betaverse

Just a bunch of nonsense

San Francisco, here I come

Career jump. Marketing to advertising

End of quarter-century crisis


Quango  .

Senior Creative+Copywriter

Kershaw | Intel B2B & B2C | Amazon+AWS | ZT Knives LiveRamp | StrikeReady AI | ASUS | Banfield Pet Hospital

Small, yet mighty, the creative team at Quango worked on a multitude of projects for Fortune 500 companies. As 1 of 2 Senior team members for such a small crew, multiple roles fell under my direction. I researched, conceptualized, pitched and wrote all initiatives. Whether it was a rebranding or a digital campaign, I helped lead our team toward creating great work that pushed our client's vision forward.

  • Helped manage creative and production for projects from concept through completion

  • Distilled all research and developed into strategies, concepts, copy and client pitches

  • Helped develop SOWs and estimated team time to ensure client objectives could be achieved

  • Presented, sold and pitched concepts alongside CD

  • Developed, wrote, edited and/or QA'd copy

  • Always ensured cohesive story throughout all projects


Laundry Service  .


Adobe | Nike + Jordan | Amazon | House of Hoops

As lead creative, I worked with the account team to design and execute all social initiation, brand strategy, copy, and creative to promote Adobe’s new student project that offered young artists a space to learn, create, and collaborate together. Was footwear sub on Nike+Jordan & House of Hoops.

  • Developed, wrote, edited and/or QA'd copy

  • Heavy focus on social copy & social campaign development

  • Led creative vision for Adobe project

  • Worked in partnership with design to develop creative that ensured client satisfaction

2018-2018 Contract

Doremus  .


Capital One | Lego | Intel B2B

Wrote copy and collaborated with Art Director partner on multiple social and digital campaigns for Capital One, Intel Business and Lego Education.










A List of Skills & Other Qualities

8 years experience concepting & content creation 

Creative writer with keen attention to detail

The ability to do "less is more", social and campaign writing

Loves product & brand storytelling

Can switch brand voices multiple times a day

Project strategy is second nature

Campaign creation & client-facing presenting

Ultra-fast information processing, reading and listening

Am not perfect, but I do my very best while controlling client expectations

Requires breakfast

*Really does love color and motion ;)

2018-2018 Contract



Detective Agency, Inc.

"Let us sleuth your branding truth"

Your creative director stepping out, business partner committing a crime against design, or customers nowhere to be found? Contact your local P.I. — The Holleran Detective Agency, Inc.


No case too small.

Dentsu McGarryBowen  .

Junior Copywriter

Intel Global

With the concept “not that you would, but you could”, our team created a global campaign for Intel, in collaboration with Jim Parsons, to let the world know that Intel inspires high-performance creativity with their new Optane Memory. The campaign ran worldwide on TV, social, digital & OOH.


Freelance  .

Copywriting & Design

Canon | Hardtack Creative | Playboy | Nomadica Films | Tank Aerial | Sharkbanz | Synergia Effect Havana Club Rum | Young & Hungry Agency

As a freelancer, I worked with a seemingly endless list of companies,  entrepreneurs and creatives on multiple projects. I've had the opportunity to be a part of everything from tv series lookbook design and music video pitches, to branding and product design, to experiential campaign development, and copywriting to PR. Every project was a fulfilling and wonderful experience that helped lead my career to where it is today. 

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