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Freelance | Photo Cred. Steven Holleran

Skateboards, Sneakers & Scripts

Lara Holleran

Portland . Oregon


Nike + Jordans | Kershaw | ZT Knives | House of Hoops


rom lifestyle to sports, active brands have a special connection with their audience. It's a connection built from

consistent recognition marketing and keeping a bit of magic in their campaigns.


Unlike most other industries, lifestyle or active brands get to hold onto a bit of whimsy or fun. It's not always about the depth of messaging or the accuracy of callouts. Sometimes it's just about taking a whack with a hammer, writing puns about making air, or even just chugging a beer a fast as you can. That's really the gist of it. Have some fun, don't forget to laugh, draw a frowny face on your knee... who cares. 

We often forget that humor is one of the most effective forms of communication. It's a bridge between cultures, a light in dark times, and if we're lucky, a cure for political barriers. Humor can even resurrect a fiery, Irish family argument. Tell a joke, drink a pint, throw some darts, alls forgiven. 

Now, don't get me wrong, there's still plenty to be serious about when writing for active brands. Take knives, for example. They are one of the most humor-less industries, and with good reason. Knives mean business. Knives mean you're potentially lost in the woods. Knives mean dinner. Writing for a knife brand means you put your game face on, and

as much as you'd like to write a pun about sharp pricks, you'll keep that to yourself. 

I've had the pleasure, neigh, the honor, of writing funs, puns and cutting soliloquy for a few of the top brands in the lifestyle and active culture industries. They're some of the most challenging cases, and really give me the opportunity to get into the hearts and minds of people with interests that vary greatly from my own. 

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Quango |  Kershaw  |  2021 Brand & Hype Videos


Quango |  Kershaw  |  2022 Brand & Hype Videos

kershaw zt knives

Quango |  Kershaw & ZT  |  2019 Brand & Hype Videos  | Photo Cred. Steven H.

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Screen Shot 2021-11-01 at 1.58.06 PM.png

Quango |  Kershaw  |  2020 Brand & Hype Videos

nike jordans
nike jordans

24/7 Laundry Service |  Nike + Jordan  |  2019 Product hype social video 

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