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Agency: Freelance  |  Client: Erykah Badu  |  Project: Music Video look-book — copy & design

The Post-Pandemic Gig Economy

Lara Holleran

San Diego . Los Angeles . San Francisco . Portland . Bend 


Canon | Lego | Banfield Pet Hospital | Hardtack Creative | Playboy | 
Nomadica Films | Tank Aerial | Sharkbanz | Synergia Effect | Havana Club Rum ...


he gig economy, as they say, is the hottest market for creatives since the start of the pandemic in 2020. Hard to

believe that nearly two years has gone by since we were first shut-away in our homes, forgot the finer points of pleasant conversation, all adopted puppies and learned how to invest in the stock market. And yet, here people are, quitting their under-paying jobs to buy vans with built-in WIFI and travel the country one gig at a time. 


As a self-proclaimed adventurer and lover of all things lost and wild, this life-choice strikes the same chord as my love of black and white — romantically nostalgic. 


Freelancing (or giging), as a creative, is highly challenging and infinitely rewarding. Your projects are based on friendly word of mouth,

campaign successfulness, and an ability to not crack under your own deadlines. Can you motivate yourself to work from a cafe instead of walking across the street and hitting the waves? Let's hope so.

I've yet to buy a van, but I am still drawn back to the freelance lifestyle I once lived and breathed. I'm captivated by the challenge of taking a chance on myself, my own ability to succeed and craft the right partnerships with both brands and other creatives. I am pulled to branch outside the industries with some agencies are strapped. To quote history... Complacency is the death of creativity.


It was hard not to miss the shift toward complacency the last several years. But, with everything said and done, I think people are

starting to feel that it's time to take a risk. Sadly, we've all learned recently that no matter what anyone says about safety, nothing is a true bet anymore. 


Of course, people will still tell you that if you leave your safe jobs you will never be "as" successful or you might fail or get fired. But, what if you don't feel a soul connection to your current role and you still don't leave? Are you destined to become hindered by complacency and lose your way? Can anyone put a price on the loss of self? 


The only things we can truly rely on, if we have

the gumption, is our own strength of character

and creative ambition. 

Call this write-up an ode to freelance, but I might have just convinced myself to buy a van. 


Agency: Freelance  |  Client: SynergiaEffect  |  Project: Campaign copy & design


Freelance  |  Health & fitness platform — copy & design 

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Quango  |  Banfield Pet Hospital  |  New product video


Freelance  |  Sharkbanz  |  Copy, design, package design


Freelance  |  Sharkbanz  |  Copy, design, package design


Freelance  |  SynergiaEffect  |  Campaign copy & design

play & public

Freelance | Personal Collab

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ebates pitch_final.png

Freelance | Hardtack Creative | Commercial Pitch


Freelance | Playboy |  Ltd. Series Lookbook

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Screen Shot 2021-11-10 at 9.27.38 PM.png

Freelance  |  Nat. Geo. pitch |  Limited series look-book copy & design

tv series pitch

Freelance  |  TV series look-book copy & design

movie feature pitch

Freelance | Movie look-book copy & design


Freelance | Sharkbanz | Copy, design, packaging 


Freelance | Pantone |  Social experiment

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